dr Barbara Worek

Lecturer in the Institute of Sociology, Jagiellonian University. Received her PhD from Jagiellonian University in 2003 with a dissertation Common Good in a Local Community as the Basis for Civil Society Development.

Teaches classes in social research methods with a specialism in qualitative methods and qualitative data analysis. Besides methodological topics her fields of interest include human capital development, public policy analysis and lifelong learning process.

She has participated in a number of regional, national and international research projects; among others in the following:

1. Public participation and the pension policy process: the citizen and pension reform (PENREF), Fifth Framework Programme (FP5). (2000-2002)

2. Representations of Europe and the nation in current and prospective member-states: media, élites and civil society (EURONTAT), Fifth Framework Programme (FP5). (2001-2005)

3. Demos Program, - improving local democracy, International Research Project, conducted by Cracow City Council, Aberdeen City Council and Jagiellonian University (2002-2003).

4. Institutional Development Program, project aimed at improve institutional development of local administration in Poland, financed by ESF (2002-2003)

5. Malopolska System of Analysis and Programming Labour Market Policy, research project devoted to analysis of the market indicators. The aim of that project was to work out the set of indicators adjusted to the monitoring regional labour market.

Currently she is involved in project financed by European Social Fund: Human Capital Balance in Poland.