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Evaluation - Innovations - Labour market

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About 'Human Capital Study' (BKL) Project

Conference 'Human Capital Study' (BKL) Warszaw 17th September 2019

Logo of Human Capital Study project

Conference 'Human Capital Study' 17 September 2019 Warszaw -  recent findings of the project - „Competences of the employees - current state and labour market challenges'

The conference presents the latest findings, the most interesting trends and challenges of the current labour market situation: profiles of the working generations, including 'millenials' and senior employees (50+). 

The main topics are the changes on the labour market including growing percantage of the younger population (so called 'millenials') as well as senior workers ('50+'). The conference gives a chance to discuss competences required from employees and employees' self-assesment on the level of  competences they posses. The conference is aimed to show at glance the current status of the competences and existing challenges. 

The conference is dedicated to present the latest results of the project findings. "Bilansu Kapitału Ludzkiego" (BKL) is one of the biggest European research project on competences, employment and labour market trends. 

The research is being conducted by Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP - authority responsible for creating business-friendly environment in Poland) and Jagiellonian University since 2009. 

More information - Polish Agency for Enterprise Development:

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'Human Capital Study' (BKL Project) is a research study on the competences required on labour market conducted by Polish Agency of Enterprise Development and Jagiellonian University since 2009. 

First phase of BKL project was conducted from 2009 till 2015.

First edition: I edition (2011-2014) of the Human Capital Study covered: population study (17,2 thousands per year), employers' research (16 thousands per year), job offers analysis, companies research as well as training institutuions, study of pupils and students (2 waves - each for 32 thousands).

Second edition: 
Since 2016 the II edition of the study begun. It is planned to conduct 3 waves of cross-sectional research (large sample surveys), 3 additional waves of panel study, which will result in general insight in the labour market situation (see the graph below). and sectorial studies (combined qualitative and quantative research), which will result in the extensive informatnion for 3 selected industry sectors ( finance, tourism and IT). 
More information - Polish Agency for Enterprise Development:

Plan of the research 'Human Capital Study' BKL (II edition)

Illustration research schedule