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Evaluation - Innovations - Labour market


  1. Evidence-Based Impact Assessment a Model for Poland (2015)
  2. Older volunteers in Poland: the heritage of the socialist regime (2014)
  3. The role of employers opinions about skills and productivity of older workers: example of Poland (2013)
  4. Did transition to market economy and the EU membership have an impact on active ageing policy in Poland? (2013)
  5. Researching the Impact of ERASMUS on European Identification - Proposal for a Conceptual Framework (2013)
  6. Investment Grants for Enterprises - Programme Theory Evaluation (2012)
  7. Evaluating the Social Mechanism of Investment Subsidies Using an Abductive Approach (2012)
  8. Vocational Education vs. Regional Labour Market Needs – The Małopolska Region Case Study (2012)
  9. Organisation-level policy toward older workers in Poland (2012)
  10. Volunteering in older age: an organizational perspective (2012)
  11. Trust Towards Managers, Perceived Managerial Responsibility and Individual Effectiveness: Exploring Organizational Outcomes of Trust Beliefs (2009)